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2012 Spring Planting Festival events and workshops

March 9, 2012

A Week of Activities to Celebrate and Green Your Life

2012 Spring Planting Festival events and workshops


2012 Spring Planting Festival

February 22, 2012

Our Fourth Annual Spring Planting Festival will take place from March 24 with our Opening Concert, Guitars and Beyond, and run until the Finale, April 1, featuring the ever popular Backyard Gardeners Expo.

The theme our 2012 Festival is “Greening Your Life,” and will focus on what each one can do on the scale of the individual, home and community to promote food security, a resilient, quality lifestyle and connection to the environment.

  • For the new gardener there will be hands-on workshops on getting a garden going, including building soil fertility with composting and vermiculture, exploring crop diversity, and learning about irrigation.
  • For the more experienced gardener there will be workshops on backyard beekeeping, rainwater harvesting, seed saving and permaculture design.
  • For those striving to experience the nurturing and healing forces of nature we offer workshops in herbal preparations, aromatherapy, extracting essential oils from native plants, and several artistic workshops and performances that explore the Sacred in nature.
  • For those who love to explore the delicacies of local foods we offer a workshop on cooking with native and local foods. In addition, five outstanding Sedona restaurants will feature a Spring Planting Festival locavore menu, with each weeknight featuring a different restaurant.
  • For those seeking to become better neighbors to the environment we call home, we have native plant walks and a presentation on how to develop an environment free of toxic chemicals.
  • For those who are interested in energy independence and advocating local food security and choice we have two forums, “Greening your Home” and Local Food: The Human Connection.

To explore all the events, workshops, and locavore menus and to register online, use this link to our calendar:

There are a wide variety of events to enjoy with your friends. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Spring Planting Festival!

The “Idea Gardens” Tour was a Great Success!

September 19, 2010

Yesterday ‘s Idea Gardens Tour was so enjoyable! What a pleasure to spend a beautiful late summer day with people so enthusiastic about gardens! Touring as a group in the Sedona Trolley was a new way to experience Sedona and to get acquainted. Master Gardener on board, Bob Burke introduced many garden concepts and answered questions. Lunch at the Heartline Café was a beautiful vision for locavores!

This was our first garden tour and we are encouraged to have more in the future based on the feedback of the participants. We will be looking at different garden themes, different times of year and different gardens to showcase. If you have any suggestions we would welcome your input in this process.

Our goal is to educate and inspire people about creating beautiful and sustainable gardens.

An idea that we got from the “Idea Gardens” Tour was that gardeners appreciate practical gardening suggestions that one can apply to one’s garden. Therefore, we are starting a blog on our website in our “News” page for you to ask questions about gardening, and to get information. Anyone may ask or answer a question by submitting a comment. Here is a link to the blog: “Gardening Tips for Sedona, the Verde Valley and Flagstaff.”

GfH Creates Locavore Event at the Sedona International Film Festival

February 25, 2010

Gardens for Humanity with board member Ruth Hartung in charge, organized a reception with local foods originating in Arizona. The event took place at Sedona Rouge restaurant on Monday, February 22 after the screening of Terra Madre the kickoff film for Sedona Green program and film series of the Sedona International Film Festival.

This year the film festival is introducing a SUSTAINABLE film series that will be part of the festival lineup in addition to workshops, seminars and special Sedona Green events as part of the Sedona Green program, Read more below:

Locavore – What is it?

Whats on the menu at the Sedona Locavore Reception?